fredag 17 augusti 2012

My first speech (Toastmasters)

I recently joined Toastmasters (an international speaking organization). I've been on a meeting and it was Toastmasters Summerparty. I work in health care (in a nursing home). I work irregular hours and therefore have no opportunity to participate in all meetings. But I think it is important to take advantage of the opportunities offered, where I can actually be with. Then I still had holiday, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to use this opportunity and to go to the meeting but also to make my first speech. Why wait?
This meeting was the first meeting after the summer break. When I went to Toastmasters, I felt no great nervousness. Once in place, and I saw all the people so I felt the nervousness came crawling inside me and I pointed it out to a few. I got positive feedback back "it is probably good to see" and it did.
The call title "A presentation of myself." I had practiced a little at home to help me, I had a mirror and a kitchen timer. Century timeout, maximum four to six minutes long, hence the reason I used the minute minder as aids.
After having finished my speech, I analyzed myself and found that I had missed some facts, but basically I got everything that I say. I had written my speech before so I was well prepared.
Later in the evening was held evaluations. I kept me within the time frame of my speech. In order to evolve, it is important to have both positive and negative feedback from that evaluates quarters. I got a lot of rose and some rice. Before the meeting ended handed out awards and I was one of those who had the honor to receive it.

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