torsdag 12 juli 2012

Accepting their genes

In two years I fill 40 years and I still find it hard to accept their talents, not being able to do as many others. To cite one example, such weekend, remember to enjoy the weekend all the delicacies with everything whatever that means. It may not me, for my part, I always think of what I eat, how often I eat something, and more. In my vicinity are thread thin people who can eat as much food and candy at any time. I can not say that I eat that much, but if I eat crap it will show directly on the scale. My weakness is sweets (ice cream has been for many years). It's an art to say no to something you like, or be strong enough to choose a fruit and a glass of water, when someone sits and eats roast sandwich in the evening, etc.To make me feel good requires a moderate intake of food and that I as possible to avoid sweets, pastries, fried foods, etc. The daily intake of water, fruit, vegetables and exercise, I feel even more prosperous. I can say I notice a significant difference when I have been eating right and when I have not done it.There are certainly some who wonder why I write this post? Since many years I have always dreamed of one day be able to help someone else. That is the idea behind this post, to get inspired. This post is quite personal, but for those of you who have read my previous blog posts so you will understand why I write this.The big change in terms of my well-being, physical exercise is important. It has done wonders for me. In junior year I trained almost nothing in comparison with what I do today. A council til you others who are overweight or those who do not exercise, ensure that the exercise becomes a natural part of your everyday life.A few weeks ago I started again to make changes in my daily life. Not really, my shift began in 2005 after my father died. I made small changes in the diet (is continuous) and began to prioritize exercise more. More details later .....For those of you who follow me, you know that I have lost quite a lot of innings. What changes have I done in terms of diet? Other changes?
1. Replaced the milk to skim milk (for pudding).2. Eating porridge in the morning.3. Drinking water at meals.4. When frying, replaced butter and margarine to oil.5. Eat more fruits (4-5 fruits per day not uncommon).6. Drinks more water.7. Replaced sugar with light scatter (for breakfast).8. No food after 18 o'clock, where I have been hungry, I have fruit and water. The first time was horrible, had so much pain in my stomach because I was hungry. I had grown accustomed your body to eat late.9. Replaced soft bread with crisp bread.10. Not to eat more than a sandwich for breakfast.11. Cut the sugar in your coffee.12. Motion etc.

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