fredag 29 juni 2012

Police Academy

Yesterday, my son informed on their application to high school. He had applied for Social Science in the first place and came in on him, which he and I are very happy. Public order is a good line to read if you want to search on to college.
Christian, my son, he wants to enter the Police Academy. We both know this is very difficult, partly because of the competition, but also because of the harsh physical and psychological requirements as it is to get into.
I told Christian that it is only to fight on as he has now. As a mother, I encouraged him a lot and gave him much praise. I also told him to read aloud, and he does. Sometimes when I sit in the room next to his room, I hear how he is reading ......
Christian is incredibly clever, despite his illiteracy he reads daily thick books on hundreds of pages (in Swedish and English books). I can say that this has helped him a lot in school. When he got his final grades in elementary school, he had raised up their grades in several subjects.
For those parents who read this post and who have children with reading and writing, so I recommend to ensure that your child reads a lot. And it need not be thick books. For children who have these problems, it takes time, but time will produce the result.
The strategy for Christian should support the goal (if he does not change), is to make college samples during high school and practice a lot. He will have sports in school, soccer practice (during school), soccer practice at leisure and then he wants to start at the gym and he shall be allowed to do.

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